Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Poladroid of our little Meg

Testing out this app from the internet thanks for sharing this link Elaine I finally got it too work x

Monday, 27 December 2010

Take that tickets for June next year :-)

Relight my fire....what a great Christmas present surprise.
I will be blogging so much more in the new year. Having a huge declutter in my life so I can share some of my moments with you all.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Little charity shop finds from the past few weeks

Here are some little treasures I picked up in the localy charity shops.
We do have soooo many, quite a few are local based charity shops others are the well known 'high st' ones.
All have different things on offer, some mainly clothes and books but the little independant ones usually have the things I love.
Two balls of debbie bliss wool for 50p,..yes 25p a ball.
The two little ornaments which still have the makers name on stickers underneath which is Simico....no idea where these were made but they are so lovely....one is my Son and one my Daughter... daft arent I?? I.love these so much even though the hair colours on them don't represent the colours of my childrens hair!

I live near the town centre so its quite easy to pop into the shops, also working shifts means that I can have a mooch in the morning before I go to work on a late shift or after when I'm on early shifts.
I'll post some more bits and bobs another day! xxx
Having a cool week off work so off to have some soup to warm me up!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Lots of wool and little time

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

The cat and the wool

Lovely attic 24 'Lucy pack' arrived today. I cut opened the parcel and in the excitment of it all snipped some of the wool! Anyway left in on the table and Mr Phoenix decided that yes indeed he loved the wool too. A new bed for him.....a picture says a thousand words xxxx

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Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ok here I go again

Hello blogland
I am going to start sharing and wittering away on here. Sooooo much time spent mooching on blogs and doing some great tutorials......mandalas with Raymond.....lovely Lucy has shared her new flower blanket creation.....oh my I need more hours in the day!
I ordered the Lucy pack today from www.countrycrafts.org.uk Chris who has the online shop was so friendly and helpful. I only ordered the wool this afternoon and although its not even with me yet I so know that I'll be shopping with her again xxxx
I'm blogging with my Iphone this evening with a glass of wine by my side and of course a little bit of crochet on the go xxxx
I'm using a very nifty app called Hipstamatic......funky and v retro images can be developed using this.....I love it..... xxxx

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Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Little granny crochet brooch

I am just a little bit proud of this little brooch. It was soooo simply to make. Little granny square background with a loopy flower and button sewn on top. Makes a change from the usual blankets xxx

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Sunday, 8 August 2010

Crochet circle cushion cover is now a little hat!

Ooops started a granny circle crochet cushion yesterday.
It was going so well then after the 6th row it started to go all so wrong.
I'll have to go back to the lovely blog that shared the pattern and ask for a little bit of advice!
Oh well never mind my little doll now has a mob cap....try not to waste anything...think I know where I went wrong.....ever decreasing circles maybe??
Big match on tv soon....c'mon u reds!!! My big boy is there right now

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Kool Kotton

Went to Manchester on Saturday to purchase some of the lovely Kool Kotton that Abakan sell. Great price and it is so lovely to crochet with. I'd also like to knit some buntings for my caravan with it. May just take that when we next visit Anglesey....very soon.

I take quite a lot of photos on my I phone even though I have a pretty damn good camera.
I'm giving it a go on here. Uploaded for you to see some of the Kool Kotton.
Off to work shortly but before I go I'm going to have a go at Heathers http://www.littletinbird.co.uk/ little granny circles
I quite simply love this blog
Also do visit Orans place to see her completed granny stripe blanket....its so lush!
 xx Later xx

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Granny Stripes go a little crazy!

Oh how long is it since a wrote my first post in blog land......way to long.

I've been having gently little reminders from Nicola and then I came along a lovely blog called Orans place http://oran.typepad.com/which gave me the push to start again.....thanks Oran

Ok big thanks first to the lovely Lucy from Attic 24 for sharing this funky granny stripe. I thought mmmm what could I do with that. I bought some yarns last week and thought yes I'll do another blanket for the caravan.....but then I had another thought......I've got a lovely little Lloyd Loom box that needs TLC. I'm going to granny stripe that me thinks. However the granny stripe is way too long for that.

I think what I will do is continue with completing this blanket and pick out some colours maybe just 3 colours to stripe it up!

The yarn is only £1.09 a ball for 100g so it really is a bargain ( just what I loveeeeeeee)

Just popped onto to sort out why on earth my pics only went to the top of the post.....sorted that one out but its left a huge gap underneath this text.
I'm still learning..........

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

First post in blogland.

Dear all
Well here is my first post.
I'm off work this week and thought this would be the right time to start my venture as a contributor in blogland.

The picture I have uploaded is a wall cabinet that my Husband fetched home for me. I reckon he could see the potential in it as it had just been thrown in a skip by its previous owners. (He also brought two other wooden wall cabinets needing tlc)
Well I am loving it now and after lots of TLC by Mr B it now has a new home on my wall!
The little handmade bird was handcrafted by a very talented lady who I work with.
Nicola you really should come into blogland and share your talents.

The pattern for the bird is from Attic 24 who provides a very clear and concise tutorial for this, thanks Lucy for sharing everything you do!

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