Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Kool Kotton

Went to Manchester on Saturday to purchase some of the lovely Kool Kotton that Abakan sell. Great price and it is so lovely to crochet with. I'd also like to knit some buntings for my caravan with it. May just take that when we next visit Anglesey....very soon.

I take quite a lot of photos on my I phone even though I have a pretty damn good camera.
I'm giving it a go on here. Uploaded for you to see some of the Kool Kotton.
Off to work shortly but before I go I'm going to have a go at Heathers http://www.littletinbird.co.uk/ little granny circles
I quite simply love this blog
Also do visit Orans place to see her completed granny stripe blanket....its so lush!
 xx Later xx


  1. Hi Heather thanks for message you left for me. I love your site - but you need to get writing more and tell us what you're working on!!! I found it was quite a challenge to keep it going to first but now things keep popping into my head that I want to share - it soon comes flowing. Keep it up, Fiona x

    PS when you put your website link into the messaging thing on mine the address was wrong, so I changed it - just so you know x

  2. thanks for the advice Fiona. It is a challenge as I work full-time.....but thats a poor excuse as I do have the time to write
    Thanks for sorting out my address!
    Heather x

  3. Hello Heather - Thanks for the lovely link back to my blog - I'm loving all those nice balls of cotton, probably my favourite thing to crochet with, look forward to seeing what you make with them x

  4. Hello Heather! Looking forward to an update... You'll get addicted to blogging after a while, it's so gratifying to have people in your life appraciate your work!
    Can't wait to see your Raymond inspired designs! Hurry and post them!!! XXXXX


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