Thursday, 28 October 2010

Little charity shop finds from the past few weeks

Here are some little treasures I picked up in the localy charity shops.
We do have soooo many, quite a few are local based charity shops others are the well known 'high st' ones.
All have different things on offer, some mainly clothes and books but the little independant ones usually have the things I love.
Two balls of debbie bliss wool for 50p,..yes 25p a ball.
The two little ornaments which still have the makers name on stickers underneath which is idea where these were made but they are so is my Son and one my Daughter... daft arent I?? these so much even though the hair colours on them don't represent the colours of my childrens hair!

I live near the town centre so its quite easy to pop into the shops, also working shifts means that I can have a mooch in the morning before I go to work on a late shift or after when I'm on early shifts.
I'll post some more bits and bobs another day! xxx
Having a cool week off work so off to have some soup to warm me up!


  1. Love your little pot people :) x

  2. The little people are just so gorgeous! The wool was a great find too!

  3. Always wonderful when you can get yarn at a great price. And those little figurines look similar to Hummels. Very cute indeed. Have a great weekend. :) tammy

  4. Hello Heather!
    I visited you too but knew you were waiting until you have made somethings to update!
    Looking forward to seeing your bunting!
    I am sooooo jealous about the Debbie Bliss.... it is $14/ball here in NZ!

  5. Hello Heather
    Thanks for popping nto my blog, good to meet a new blogging girl! My pound shop yarn was from my local pound shop and not the national "pond land" unfortunately!! Sorry about that... I am HUGE charity shop scourer and to find Debbie Bliss yarn is a heavenly treat...I am turning green with envy. I look forwardto seeing all your new makes xox

  6. Ps. sorry about all the spelling mistakes...I type toooooo fast, I meant pound and not pond land! x

  7. Love this lovely place, that's great to be here! I love your little man, and the wool looks great!


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