Tuesday, 6 April 2010

First post in blogland.

Dear all
Well here is my first post.
I'm off work this week and thought this would be the right time to start my venture as a contributor in blogland.

The picture I have uploaded is a wall cabinet that my Husband fetched home for me. I reckon he could see the potential in it as it had just been thrown in a skip by its previous owners. (He also brought two other wooden wall cabinets needing tlc)
Well I am loving it now and after lots of TLC by Mr B it now has a new home on my wall!
The little handmade bird was handcrafted by a very talented lady who I work with.
Nicola you really should come into blogland and share your talents.

The pattern for the bird is from Attic 24 who provides a very clear and concise tutorial for this, thanks Lucy for sharing everything you do!


  1. Well hello Heather (great name!)
    Your cabinet looks great, what an amazing find. It looks so good with all your things in it too, and I love your attic24 birdie.
    You're going to love blogging :-D

    (Heather at Littletinbird)

  2. Dear Heather,

    Wow! Those cabinets are GREAT finds. I'm need of one at the moment and wish that it would just fall out of the sky. You have them fixed up and arranged beautifully.

    Curlew Country was the first real blog that I had ever seen. I found her because of Rhoda Parry's blog "Countrydays" for her magazine - "Country Homes and Interiors". I love Steff's outlook on life. She seems to just know what everyday magic is all about. She really uses her blog to be a chronicle or diary of sorts and I really admire how she doesn't cave in to blogging "tactics". However, what she does is to just make it her own.

    I LOVE blogging! It's so fun! I hope that you find the same!

    Love, Katy Noelle

  3. Hi Heather welcome to blogland hope you enjoy it as much as I do, pop over for a visit :)

    Have Fun Cate X

  4. Glad to see you in blogland, and can't wait to see your next post!!
    I adore your cabinet!! What a wonderful find!!!Love your gorgeous display too!! Attic 24's blog is great isn't it?
    I will be opening my blogshop on 14 April, and if there's anything you like, let me know. I'm afraid quite a few of the items showing have gone, but there will be more!!Thanks for your lovely comment, aND HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!!

    Sharon xx

  5. I've been putting my foot in my mouth left and right this week. (oh, funny! What did I just write? Is that left foot and right foot? sorry - ahem ...) Anyway, a little after I left that last comment, I realized that I should clarify that, what I mean about Blogging "tactics" is not so much about actions but about attitude. Just hoping that you have lots of fun!

    Katy Noelle

  6. oh wow i love that cabinet!! Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog - i have added your blog to my favourites as im excited to see what your next find is! :D


  7. Fantastic first post Heather looking forward to many more!! Thank you so much for including my birdie it made me feel really proud!!!
    Nicola xx

  8. welcome to blogland heather, you're going to have lots of fun I can tell :o)!!!
    LOVE your cabinet....I could relaly do with more shelfy type things in my house.
    have a lovely day

  9. Hello -
    Pleased to meet you, and welcome to blogland. Wishing you lots of lovely posts.

    Very good husband - spotting that cabinet!

    Love Lydia

  10. wow! what a fabulous first post :o)
    your site looks really pretty and the cupboard is gorgeous!
    i am abit of a project butterfly too, which is why i mainly stick to small ones, but am trying to discipline myself.
    your birdie looks very sweet. i have seen the pattern on lucy's blog, it's a really neat, simple and clever idea.
    looking forward to your next posts :o)



  11. Hi Heather and what a lovely first post! The cabinet looks beautiful, amazing what some people thow out isn't it?

  12. Hello Heather! and welcome to Blogland. Just love the photos of your cupboard,and the cute little bird!
    Happy Blogging!

    Vicky x

  13. Hello Heather, just thought I'd pop over and say hello and oh my! What a perfectly scrumptious cabinet. You do great work. Love O. xxxx

  14. Hi Heather! Thanks for joining my PIF, if you send me you address to TheFeltFairy at aol.com I have approx 358 days to make good! lol! xx

    You should look at hookin with Lala blog, she also signed up for my Pif - she is a mad crochet addict too!


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