Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Ok here I go again

Hello blogland
I am going to start sharing and wittering away on here. Sooooo much time spent mooching on blogs and doing some great tutorials......mandalas with Raymond.....lovely Lucy has shared her new flower blanket creation.....oh my I need more hours in the day!
I ordered the Lucy pack today from Chris who has the online shop was so friendly and helpful. I only ordered the wool this afternoon and although its not even with me yet I so know that I'll be shopping with her again xxxx
I'm blogging with my Iphone this evening with a glass of wine by my side and of course a little bit of crochet on the go xxxx
I'm using a very nifty app called Hipstamatic......funky and v retro images can be developed using this.....I love it..... xxxx

-posted using my Iphone xxx


  1. Am very impressed with your techy skills,loving the photos very retro! x x x x x

  2. Hello Heather!

    I've found you! Oh what a lovely blog you have, and such gorgeous crochet projects too! I too am sitting here with a nice glass of wine (well, it is friday!) and having a good old read of your posts which I've very much enjoyed, I will definately be back again soon! Lovely to meet you in Blogland, sending love

    Julia x x x

  3. Hee! iPhone blogging, what fun. I shall have to go hunt down that app. And hmmm is 2.15pm on Saturday too early for a glass of wine do you think? *giggles* You've set me off now! Lovely to see more from you. *hugs* O. xx

  4. Hi Heather, thanks for stopping by :0) I too am enjoying a bourbon and coke tonight rather than wine!! But it is Sunday night here, i didn't realise there was such a big time difference!! That is a very cool iphone pic, and the crocheting looks lovely, a granny blanket? Enjoy getting back into blog land. I am not sure whether you get better homes and gardens over there but i could send you a photocopy of the pattern if you want, just probably not for a couple of weeks as we are going away for the school holidays tomorrow. Enjoy your evening. Annette :0)

  5. loving this 'Hipstamatic' app Heather, wonder if there is a windows equivalent?


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