Tuesday, 19 July 2011

My Magical wool ball is here

I was linked with Callie for the MagicWool swap that the lovely Lynda organised a few weeks ago.
I've never been involved in any swap before and have been proper excited about it.
Monday was my post out day but the weather was pants and it scuppered any chance of getting Callies parcel to her. I was a drowned rat when I got in from work and that put paid to sending it off yesterday. Anyway it's been posted out this afternoon.
Callie is blogging the thrity day photo challenge ( Which I do intend to do soon) I have learnt so much about her and although I may never meet her in 'real life' I feel that I know so much already. I have a lot in common not in the fact that we are the same age but one of them being is that Callie is the same age as my son and I feel her dreams and aspirations that my Son has right now. Please visit her.

Miserable weather day here YET AGAIN today however I am now preparing for my hols more of that another day as I dont want to borreeeeee you all.

Here is a picture of the oh so lovely wool....I need to ask Callie what wool this is.
Beautiful colours ( My sort of shades). I reckon it's Noro and that I have been spoilt too x
Unwrapping this was just such an experience and there was so many beautiful gifts wrapped up ( If you are reading this Callie before my ball gets there forgive me I did not put anything in it for you to eat! Eeeekkk!)

IAnyways....I have just uploaded about 300 pics off my iphone whcih I generally use everday for taking pics on. My Daugher introduced me to Picnik over a year ago and I bought the premium account for her....never used it myself and when I asked another blogger about her pics she said she used Picnik....the rest is history, at last I have a photo editior that I can use simply and edit to my hearts delight.

Lots of pics to share with you about my thrifty finds purchased over the past month.....
Speak soon x


  1. What a lovely treat.

  2. AnonymousJuly 19, 2011

    Glad you like it! Don't worry about not putting in anything edible as I am being really strict with my WW's! :o) Looking forward to getting my ball! :o)

    C x

  3. Hello, Just discovered your blog through Callie's blog . Just posted my magic ball to my swap partner today - it's been fun taking part.

    Leah x

  4. I was a lucky girl indeed xxxx Off to mooch on your blog Leah x


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